New Energy Electric Vehicle Aluminum Extrusion Process

SJHM has specialized in customizing new energy vehicle aluminum alloy energy storage battery boxes, new energy battery casings, boxes, new energy blade battery casings, new energy battery trays, new energy vehicle motor casings, and new energy vehicle charging pile radiator aluminum profiles for 16 years. Our company currently has more than 100 aluminium extrusion presses, CNC machining centers, CNC punching machines, CNC lathes, precision bending machines, and other equipment. All of our engineers are with many years of experience in the deep processing of aluminum profiles. The accuracy of aluminum products can be controlled within 0.01mm. 

The aluminium extrusion process is the process of aluminum forming. The aluminium extrusion process uses aluminum in its original form, called aluminum billets or aluminum logs. The billet is heated to a specified temperature to make the aluminum soft and malleable and then transferred to a pressure vessel. The press then forces the aluminum billet through the container by applying significant pressure, extruding it through a die into its final shape. The extruded part then passes through various stations where it can be cooled, stretched, and cut to the desired length. An important part of the aluminium extrusion process to bring aluminum to a specific desired shape is the die.

The aluminum extrusion process actually enhances the properties of the metal and results in a stronger, more resilient end product than ever before. The aluminum extrusion process also forms a thin layer of aluminum oxide on the metal surface, making it weather resistant and an attractive natural finish that does not require any further treatment unless a different finish is required.

Aluminum profiles can be manufactured with the strength required for most applications, and due to the nature of the aluminium extrusion process, the strength can be concentrated where it is really needed by including different wall thicknesses and internal reinforcement in the profile design. Extrusions are especially useful for cold weather applications because aluminum becomes stronger as the temperature drops.

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