Decoration Aluminum Profile

SJHM is a professional decoration profile manufacturer with 16 years of working experience. Decoration aluminum profiles are widely used in the kitchen cabinet, wardrobe, tile trim, windows blind rail, baffle ceiling, fence, etc. Our decoration profiles not only have a rich decorative style but also have strong hardness. They are also not afraid of water and have a long service life. Mature technology can help you answer professional questions from materials and provide one-stop service.

Decoration aluminum profiles can be made to fit any size or specification of decoration through the process of designing a cross-section and then pushing it into a mold. Decoration profiles of almost all sizes and shapes can be manufactured to any specification. Aluminum’s structural strength is one of its greatest benefits in decoration applications. Aluminum is comparable in strength to steel, but only one-third the weight. 

Decoration aluminum profiles allow for the incorporation of design features into different applications of the decor. For example, grooves and other complex shapes can be made in windows to enhance their design. Almost any design feature can be added to the decor due to the flexibility offered by the aluminum decoration profile. The surface of the decoration aluminum profile can be finished.

Aluminum is considered one of the most energy-efficient and sustainable materials used in decoration profiles. The reusability and recyclability of aluminum are becoming more and more important, and they can be reused through recycling processing so that the scrap value of the material can be maintained and the environmental impact can be reduced.

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