Aluminum extrusion profiles can come in different shapes and sizes and we offer a wide range of parts and aluminum extrusion profiles for the manufacture of machine frames and other applications. The extruded aluminium profiles products of SJHM are mainly divided into 6 categories: new energy electric vehicle aluminum extrusion process, custom CNC machining parts aluminum profile, precision machining parts for mechanical equipment, custom aluminum heatsink, t-slot aluminum extrusion profile, decoration aluminum profile. Our strength lies in custom aluminum extrusion profiles. All of our products are custom molded to make your product more high-end and sophisticated.

Aluminum extrusion profiles with different strength levels can be developed to meet the needs of a wide range of applications. The aluminum extrusion process can concentrate strength where needed such as adding internal reinforcement and changing wall thickness. 

The use of aluminum has become a versatile and stable means of producing extruded aluminium profiles ranging from simple to complex. Extruded aluminium profiles have been used in many applications. Aluminum is strong, rust and corrosion resistant, and easy to manufacture, extruded aluminium profiles are often chosen as the material of choice for construction and building materials.  

Aluminum can be recycled again and again without degrading its properties. Typically, extruded aluminium profiles are produced using a high percentage of recycled content without negatively impacting the functionality or aesthetics of the final product. Any aluminum piece that has reached the end of its service life can be recycled for eventual reuse. Because aluminum is reusable, some components made from extruded aluminium profiles can be disassembled if desired, and individual parts can be used in other ways.

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