The aluminum profile products of Foshan ShijunHonghongmao Aluminum Technology Co., Ltd. are mainly divided into 5 main categories: LED kit aluminum alloy profiles, radiator aluminum alloy profiles, auto parts aluminum alloy profiles, electronic chassis aluminum alloy shells and customized aluminum alloys Profile.
Among them, the aluminum alloy profile of the radiator is divided into: LED high bay light aluminum alloy shell, LED street light component aluminum alloy shell, LED tunnel light aluminum alloy shell, and LED solar street light aluminum alloy shell. The radiator aluminum alloy profile is divided into: LED street lamp radiator aluminum profile, inverter radiator aluminum profile, avionics radiator aluminum profile, sunflower radiator profile and computer CPU radiator. . Our advantage lies in custom-made aluminum alloy profiles; among all our products, they are all custom-made mold production production, to make your unique products more high-end and more precise.
At present, our company has cooperated with Huawei, LG, Samsung and many other companies. In the future development of the company, ShijunHongmao Aluminum will continue to actively explore and research industrial aluminum profiles, hoping to bring more new products to customers.





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