New Energy Electric Vehicle Aluminum Extrusion Process

SJHM has specialized in customizing new energy vehicle aluminum alloy energy storage battery boxes, new energy battery casings, boxes, new energy blade battery casings, new energy battery trays, new energy vehicle motor casings, and new energy vehicle charging pile radiator aluminum profiles for 16 years. Our company currently has more than 100 aluminum extrusion presses, CNC machining centers, CNC punching machines, CNC lathes, precision bending machines, and other equipment. All of our engineers are with many years of experience in the deep processing of aluminum profiles. The accuracy of aluminum products can be controlled within 0.01mm.

Custom CNC Machining Parts Aluminum Profile

SJHM has been focusing on custom aluminum extrusion parts for more than 16 years. We have more than 60 units of CNC deep processing machines, double traction extrusion equipment, 6.5 meters profile machining centers, vertical machining center, horizontal machining center, sawing machines, punching machines, double head saw machine, drilling machine, tapping machine, American three-coordinate detector, Swiss TESA altimeter, etc. The aluminum profile extrusion products produced by SJHM are widely used in new energy vehicles, 3D printers, laser cutting machining, mask-making machining, automatic assembly line production equipment, electronic heatsink, etc.

Precision Machining Parts For Mechanical Equipment

SJHM is a customized production service enterprise, which integrates mold design and development, aluminum profile extrusion precision deep processing, and surface treatment. It can the biggest flat products within 700mm×150mm, aluminum square tubes within 450mm×450mm, and aluminum round tubes within 𝚽620. The highest precision of the product reaches 0.01mm, which can highly meet various kinds of customers’ requirements.

Custom Aluminum Heatsink

Aluminum alloy heatsinks are mainly used in inverters, LED street lights, new energy vehicles, automobile charging piles, mechanical equipment, and aerospace electronic equipment. High-efficiency thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy is the decisive factor for maintaining outstanding heat dissipation and the most ideal medium for heat energy conversion. The aluminum alloy radiator is the lightest among various radiators, and the transfer device is convenient. At the same time, it has good thermal conductivity, large heat dissipation capacity, fast heat dissipation, and high thermal strength of the metal. SJHM has focused on customizing aluminum alloy radiators for many years to provide more convenience and flexibility for your products.

T-slot Aluminum Extrusion Profile

SJHM is a professional manufacturer of industrial and various special aluminum extrusion profiles. With 16 working experience, the company takes total quality management and meeting users’ needs as the starting point to make the company reach the advanced standard. It has a set of equipment for aluminum alloy melting and casting, mold making, aluminum profile extrusion, mechanical polishing, powder coating, electrophoretic spraying, etc. The deep processing machine equipment includes punch, milling machines, rotating machines, welding machines, and precise deep CNC machines. The t-slot aluminum extrusion profiles are widely used in construction, transportation, machinery, chemical industry, electronics and electricity, shipbuilding, military industry, aerospace, etc.

Decoration Aluminum Profile

Decoration aluminum extrusion profiles are widely used in the kitchen cabinet, wardrobe, tile trim, windows blind rail, baffle ceiling, fence, etc. This type of aluminum extrusion profile not only has a rich decorative style but also has strong hardness, is not afraid of water and long life, etc. As a supplier of aluminum profiles, SJHM focuses on decoration. Mature technology can help you answer professional questions from materials and provide one-stop service.


Foshan Shijun Hongmao Aluminum Technology Co., Ltd. is a customized production service enterprise integrating aluminium extrusion and deep processing. SJHM has 600 tons, 1000 tons, 1800 tons, 2500 tons, 3600 tons, 5000 tons, 6000 tons, 10000 tons,12500 tons, 20000 tons multiple precision aluminum extrusion production lines, can produce flat products within 700mmX150mm, aluminum square tubes within 450mmX450mm, aluminum round tubes within Φ620mm.

The company has advanced aluminum profile extrusion equipment with double traction, high-precision CNC milling machine, vertical machining center,  horizontal machining center, 6.5 meter-length profile processing center, sawing machine, punching machine, double-head saw, stretch bending machine, drilling machine, tapping machine, American Hexagon three-coordinate, etc.

We have accumulated more than 16 years of rich experience in the optimization of new product design, industrial aluminum profile extrusion, new energy automotive aluminum parts, heatsinks 3D printers, laser cutting machines, mechanical equipment, hydraulic cylinders, starting up cylinders, LED lighting aluminum, and various difficult profiled materials. According to the customer’s product requirements, features, functions, optimized design of product structure, and production of high-quality qualified terminal products to provide one-stop service.



  • Expert in customized production of precision industrial aluminum profile extrusion.

  • Senior engineer team, 24 hours customized evaluation feedback.

  • Intelligent precision aluminum extrusion equipment, high productivity.

  • National standard AA pure aluminum material, quality assurance, exported to Europe and America.

  • Efficient supporting capabilities of industry resources.

  • One-to-one customer service docking, delivery on time.




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