New Energy Electric Vehicle Battery Enclosure

One of the most popular uses of extruded aluminum today is as the electric vehicle battery enclosure. As the name suggests, an electric vehicle battery enclosure is an enclosure that houses battery modules and protects them from damage caused by temperature changes and shocks. Lighter weight aluminum facilitates complex and custom formability, which is critical for deep-drawing automotive battery pack designs and reducing overall vehicle weight, which has a direct impact on energy consumption. The use of aluminum profiles for EV battery enclosures can significantly simplify the assembly process and fixing of battery modules.

Electric vehicle battery enclosures made of extruded aluminum are 50% lighter than steel battery casings. The EV battery enclosure will be a very energy-efficient option for original equipment manufacturers and battery pack manufacturers. This will also provide more space for vehicles equipped with high-power battery packs.

EV battery enclosure should have ideal thermal conductivity. They must help keep the battery cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather. The heat transference capability of the EV battery enclosure has a significant impact on the life of the battery module. Battery performance also varies depending on the quality of aluminum used.

The EV battery enclosure needs to protect the battery from variable weather, road debris, rock strikes, or possible vehicle collisions. Therefore, it is very important to use high-strength materials such as aluminum to support the battery. Corrosion resistance also makes aluminum a safe choice.

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