Custom Aluminum Heatsink

Aluminum heatsinks are mainly used in inverters, LED street lights, new energy vehicles, automobile charging piles, mechanical equipment, and aerospace electronic equipment. The aluminum heatsink is the lightest among various heatsinks, and the transfer device is convenient. At the same time, it has good thermal conductivity, large heat dissipation capacity, fast heat dissipation, and high thermal strength of the metal. SJHM has been specializing in custom heatsinks for many years to provide more convenience and flexibility to your product.

Aluminum is a lightweight alloy and its extrusion process means that it can be manufactured in a variety of shapes. Its low density allows it to be processed into parts with a variety of shapes. Aluminum is the perfect choice for heatsink materials because of its thermal conductivity. It is light, easy to process, and has good energy-saving effects. 

Aluminum heatsinks are versatile. They can be easily designed to fit any application and are very durable. The aluminum heatsinks are an extremely cost-effective solution for most applications. In addition to durability and cost-effectiveness, aluminum heat sinks offer high thermal conductivity and low electrical resistance.

SJHM is a custom heatsink manufacturer which provides customers with professional custom heatsink manufacturing, design, and solutions. At present, SJHM's custom heatsinks are widely applied in inverters, LED street lights, new energy vehicles, automobile charging piles, mechanical equipment, aerospace electronic equipment, and other industrial fields.  Our engineering team can provide custom heat sink design according to customer requirements, or custom heatsink manufacturing according to the customer drawings.

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