Custom CNC Machining Parts Aluminum Profile

SJHM has been focusing on custom CNC machining parts aluminum profiles for more than 16 years. We have more than 60 units of CNC deep processing machines, double traction extrusion equipment, 6.5 meters profile machining centers, vertical machining center, horizontal machining center, sawing machines, punching machines, double head saw machine, drilling machine, tapping machine, American three-coordinate detector, Swiss TESA altimeter, etc. The CNC machining aluminum parts produced by SJHM are widely used in new energy vehicles, 3D printers, laser cutting machining, mask-making machining, automatic assembly line production equipment, electronic heatsink, etc.

CNC machining aluminum parts is a manufacturing process that involves cutting a piece of raw aluminum until it retains the final desired shape or object. CNC machines use CNC milling tools to cut unwanted geometries from raw aluminum blocks. These machines are very precise, enabling high precision and part complexity.

Using aluminum for CNC machining parts is a smart choice. Aluminum is easily shaped and machined through a variety of processes. Since it is soft, it can be cut quickly and easily with a machine tool. It is also cheaper than steel and requires less power for the machine. In addition, the good machinability of aluminum means that it deforms less during processing. This results in higher accuracy as it allows CNC machines to achieve higher tolerances.

With the widespread use of lightweight metals, machining aluminum parts are becoming a choice of many industries. If you need assistance on your custom machining aluminum parts, we will be one of the most capable and affordable production sources with our technology, experience, and skills. We have also been improving the process of CNC machining parts to improve efficiency and quality, and continuously meet the production needs of customers.

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