20 Series Aluminum Extrusion Profile

20 Series aluminium profile usually applies to assembling a variety of lightweight structural frameworks, such as instrument racks, display boards, engine covers, etc. in the machinery industry. 2020 aluminum extrusions have a simple and elegant appearance and are often matched with hexagon socket M6 bolts and T-nuts. If needs to bear high strength, please use M6 bolt to connect with the sliding nut so that the framework is much stronger and more reliable. All t-slot 20x20 aluminium profiles can freely connect with each other.

20x20 aluminIum profile is a kind of structural aluminium extrusion used for a wide variety of framing applications due to its significant versatility. As an important category in aluminum extrusion profile series,  our 2020 aluminum extrusion is very easy to be assembled with standard tools and fasteners and requires no welding.

The great thing about 2020 aluminum extrusion is that it’s modular so you can easily add to a profile, remove what’s no longer needed, or even re-position workstation set-ups easily. This flexibility is the main reason why many manufacturers choose 2020 aluminum extrusion as their material.

Aluminum is one of the lightest metals used for modern engineering purposes, and its molecular density is one-third that of steel. As a result, its strength-to-weight ratio is actually better than steel. Extruded 20x20 aluminum profiles are strong enough for most structural design and assembly applications.

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