What Are The Applications Of Aluminum Alloy Profiles In New Energy Vehicles?

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  • Date:02-06-2022

Nowadays, aluminum alloy profiles are more and more widely used in new energy vehicles. Requirements for aluminum alloy profiles with excellent performance for vehicles: the compressive strength is getting higher and higher, the die is getting more and more complicated,and the wall thickness is getting thinner and thinner. Aluminum alloy profiles have a series of excellent characteristics, such as low relative density, high strength and specific bending stiffness, good ductility, excellent impact resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance,high electrical conductivity, high heat transfer, easy surface coloring, Excellent production and processing formability and high recycling and recyclability, etc.,these characteristics can well correspond to the requirements of new energy vehicles. Today, Xiaobian will show you the applications of aluminum alloy profiles in new energy vehicles?


Many aluminum alloy profiles are used in the automobile industry.No matter from the aspects of automobile manufacturing, vehicle operation, and waste automobile recycling, it produces great social and social benefits,and is accompanied by the increase in automobile production and social development. This kind of economic benefit will be more significant.

The components of aluminum for new energy vehicles include car body, wheel rim, car chassis, anti-collision beam, wooden floor, power battery and seat. The car body includes a car body frame made of high-performance aluminum alloy profiles and a skin and car doors made of high-precision aluminum alloy plates; aluminum wheels (cast aluminum rims or forged aluminum rims); car chassis includes high Aluminum alloy profile parts and aluminum alloy profile steel parts with large toughness and large cross-section; anti-collision beam bumpers made of aluminum profiles;new energy vehicle wood floors; lithium batteries and aluminum ion batteries.Lithium-ion batteries include rechargeable battery positive grade aluminum platinum, rechargeable battery aluminum shell and battery aluminum tray (all rechargeable battery trays in Europe and the United States are made of aluminum-magnesium alloy materials, and Chinese rechargeable battery trays are not only made of aluminum alloy profiles, but also stainless steel materials. ); new energy vehicle seat system software, etc.


The application of aluminum alloy materials in new energy vehicles is different due to the core concepts of different automobile companies and different car series design schemes. All aluminum body new energy vehicles will be used in large quantities, while other new energy vehicles The amount is relatively small. Some vehicles purchase aluminum profiles to produce and process components themselves, while some automobile companies purchase finished aluminum components to immediately release assembly.


The applications of aluminum alloy profiles for vehicles include: bumper anti-collision beam, energy-absorbing box, car door anti-collision beam, vehicle dashboard support frame, front cover, window frame load-bearing beam, heat pipe radiator and support frame, fuel pipe, rolling rail Components, rubber pipe joints of heat exchangers and other prefabricated components with the same cross-section and complex appearance.





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