What Are The Advantages Of Using Aluminum Alloy Car Charging Piles?

  • By:sjhmalu
  • Date:05-06-2022

About aluminum alloy shell: The appearance of aluminum alloy shell is widely used in the power shell market, and its appearance also brings convenience to users. Today we want to learn about the new energy vehicle charging that highlights the application of aluminum alloy shell. Pile shell, let’s take a look at the advantages of using aluminum alloy car charging piles?

With the emergence of new energy vehicles, charging piles have also emerged. From the plastic shell at the beginning to the transformation of the aluminum alloy shell, the most important factor is the high-strength performance of the aluminum alloy; the application environment of the charging pile is complex, and The use of aluminum alloy charging piles does not need to consider the harsh and complex environment. The adaptability of aluminum alloy car charging piles is stronger than that of ordinary charging piles. In the environment with low temperature, the use of aluminum alloy shells can effectively Avoid shell fragmentation, greatly improve the safety of use, reduce the occurrence of accidents, and improve its service life.

Another important reason why aluminum alloys are used as charging piles is that they have strong corrosion resistance; new energy vehicle charging piles have been widely used in various places, and the environments and regions of use are also different, and the problems they face are also different, such as In many coastal areas, the charging piles face the impact of ultraviolet rays and salt spray. If ordinary charging piles are used, it is easy to corrode and damage the internal electronic components, while the aluminum alloy shell is different. After contact with air, a solid oxide layer will be formed. This oxide layer is very corrosion-resistant. On the one hand, it can protect the power supply inside the charging pile, and on the other hand, it also provides convenience for users, making the application of aluminum alloy shells more and more widely .When using the charging pile, it is often necessary to maintain the electronic internal components. If the internal shell is accidentally damaged when replacing the internal components, if it is an ordinary plastic shell, once it is damaged, it cannot be used continuously, and the use cost is very high; The aluminum alloy shell can be replaced in time, and the damaged products can be recycled, which not only saves costs, but also plays a role in resource reuse, and also plays a good role in protecting the environment.

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