What Are The Advantages Of Using Aluminum Alloy Shell For Mobile Power Supply?

  • By:sjhmalu
  • Date:02-06-2022

In today’s electronic market, with the extensive use of smart phones, mobile power supply as a complementary product to smart phones has also received widespread attention on a daily basis. At present, in the mobile phone mobile power case market, there are mainly metal materials and non-metal materials. Although the net weight of the plastic material case is lighter and the portability is better, in terms of firmness, the metal material case is undoubtedly better. First, in the case of falling, rolling, extrusion and other external forces,the metal material shell is relatively stable. Therefore, mobile power case manufacturers/users are more keen to choose aluminum alloy cases. So what are the advantages of using aluminum alloy casing for mobile power supply? The following editor will introduce to you.

The advantages of using aluminum alloy shell for mobile power supply are as follows:

1. The aluminum alloy shell is waterproof.                                                                                                                            2. The aluminum alloy shell has good transparency and is non-toxic.                                                                              3. Light weight, easy to carry.                                                                                                                                                    4. The fluidity, coloring and surface spraying and electroplating performance are strong.                                            5. High temperature resistance, can be used in hot environment for a long time.                                                          6. High strength, tensile strength 69MPa, bending strength 96MPa.

In terms of the use environment, the aluminum alloy shell of the mobile power supply also has better advantages than that made of plastic. As the shell of the aluminum alloy series, its adaptability to the environment does not belong to the shell of other materials. It has the function of shock absorption and can withstand high shock and vibration loads. In the sun, rain and other harsh environments can work normally. In addition, the aluminum alloy shell has good corrosion resistance, and the aluminum alloy surface has an aluminum oxide film that is incomparably thinner than the cicada wings, so that the aluminum is no longer corroded, so that the aluminum alloy can be treated after the expiration date. And after remelting, more than 90% of the aluminum can be recycled. Compared with other materials, the advantages of aluminum alloy shells are far superior.



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