What Are The Advantages Of Using Aluminum Alloy Shells?

  • By:sjhmalu
  • Date:31-05-2022

At present, the shell material of many electronic products is mainly aluminum alloy, and the aluminum alloy shell has become one of the mainstream products in the electronic industry. This is mainly determined by the unique advantages of the aluminum alloy shell, so what is the aluminum alloy shell? What about the advantage? Today, the editor of Shijun Hongmao Aluminum Industry will take you to find out.

Simple installation: Because the density of aluminum profiles is small and can be processed into various shapes, it is more convenient to assemble. Even if the surface is damaged, it can be quickly repaired, and cumbersome processing procedures are no longer required.

High safety factor: Because of its high strength and rigidity, the aluminum alloy shell can accept enough pressure, bending force, tension and impact force even in the case of relatively thin thickness, and still can show a good safety factor, which can effectively Protection of internal electronic components, product use is guaranteed.

Long service life: The aluminum alloy casing has relatively low requirements for the use environment. Even in a relatively poor environment, it is also a good protection for the use of electronic products, with strong corrosion resistance, and the use of aluminum alloy casing can reduce damage; aluminum alloy The shell produced is hard, can be cold worked to strengthen its hardness, and has excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, which is more in line with the needs of the current market than shells made of other materials.

Excellent performance: The shell of the aluminum profile can produce a thick and solid oxide film, which can be used in electronic components for a long time without corrosion due to environmental elements, and has strong durability.

Low cost: Due to its excellent performance, the aluminum alloy shell has a much longer service life than other materials, and the product has a long service life, which greatly reduces the cost of use.

Strong application environment: The aluminum alloy shell has high flexibility and good anti-leakage performance. The depth can be arbitrarily cut as needed, and it has strong waterproofness. It can also be used in the field and in places with poor environments, with strong adaptability.

Easy to handle: The aluminum alloy shell is easy to process. After adding certain alloying elements, a forged aluminum profile with relatively excellent forging function or a deformed aluminum profile with better processing plasticity can be obtained. The basic strength can be strengthened, and after a certain heat treatment, the service life of the product can be extended, and the processing procedure is simple.

High recovery rate: The aluminum alloy casing can be replaced at any time if it is damaged during use, and the replaced product can be recycled, which protects resources and the environment at the same time.

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