What Are The Advantages Of Aluminum Rdiators?

  • By:sjhmalu
  • Date:30-05-2022

1. The modular combination of the cast aluminum radiator means that the radiator can be easily added or decreased, especially for the initial installation user, because the initial installation of the radiator does not consider all factors comprehensively or because of personal special requirements for room temperature , Sometimes I feel that the temperature is too high, too many radiators are installed to cause waste, or I feel that the temperature is not enough to need to install another piece, etc., so the convenient modular combination will bring a lot of convenience to users. not available. 

2. The aluminum radiator is the lightest radiator among all radiators, so it is very convenient to carry and suitable for modern high-rise buildings.

3. The heat dissipation effect of the aluminum radiator is the best among all radiators, because the properties of the aluminum material determine its high heat dissipation efficiency. Indoor air convection, so the cooling effect is the best.

4. The service life is the longest among all radiators, which is related to the current heating conditions and the modular combination of aluminum radiators. We all know that all radiators will have different degrees of corrosion during use, which is Because of the natural properties of various metal materials and the current heating environment in my country, if there is a problem with the radiator, if it is an integral die-casting, the entire radiator must be replaced. For the modular combined aluminum radiator, This advantage is very obvious, which one is broken, and the other one can be used as usual, thus saving the cost of use for the user to the greatest extent, and infinitely increasing the service life of the radiator, avoiding unnecessary waste.

5. There is a lot of room for selection of external dimensions. The center distance of the current cast aluminum radiator can be arbitrarily selected from 230MM to 1800MM. 

6. The aluminum radiator is most suitable for running in the tap water environment, which is determined by the material properties of aluminum itself. We all know that the PH=7 of the tap water is neutral, and the aluminum radiator is most suitable for the PH=5~8.5 Water quality, and aluminum can also form aluminum oxide AL2O3 with water, forming a dense passivation protective film, attached to the inner wall of the radiator, which is a natural protective barrier for aluminum radiators.

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