How To Reduce The Occurrence Of Scrapped Aluminum Alloy Shells?

  • By:sjhmalu
  • Date:31-05-2022

Nowadays, with the rapid development of the electronics industry, many electronic product companies choose to use aluminum alloy shell materials for their product shells in order to meet market demand. Of course, the shell quality of different products is different. Therefore, when machining aluminum alloy housings, great attention must be paid to quality and production efficiency. Many manufacturers have already scrapped them when processing aluminum alloy shells. So how to reduce the occurrence of this scrapping phenomenon?

First, the aluminum alloy shell is straightened by extrusion: straightening is a very important link in the production process of the aluminum alloy shell. Straighteners must pay attention to the force used for straightening. Too much force may cause problems such as deformation, folding, orange peel, etc. of the aluminum profile; too little force may cause problems. There will be no straightening phenomenon, resulting in bending. So be sure to grasp the strength.

Second, the aluminum alloy shell is extruded and framed: extrusion and frame are also important. After sawing to length, the aluminum profile must be framed. At this time, the framer must pay attention to whether the material is large or small, and whether it is drawn with a pipe or a flat die. Generally speaking, large materials and materials with tubes are not easy to bend when they are framed at both ends, while small materials and materials pulled out with a flat die are easy to bend when hoisted. At this time, it should move from both ends to the middle. Get closer and do the hoisting erection. But there are some aluminum profiles, such as shutters, windows, glands, etc., that must be placed on the aged aluminum profiles and then hung into the frame.

Third, the surface treatment of the aluminum alloy shell is put on the shelf: After a period of oxidation, the hardness of the aluminum profile shell will reach the standard. So the aluminum profile is not so easy to bend, but pay attention when hoisting the material. When lifting materials at both ends, try to avoid violent fluctuations. The aged aluminum alloy shell caused some flexing.

Compared with plastic shells, aluminum alloy shells are easier to machine and have good hardness. It exceeds the strength of many plastics and metals, and the future is very promising. However, in the process of processing, we must pay attention to relevant details, improve product quality, and prevent the occurrence of waste products.

The above is an introduction to the relevant operations to reduce the scrapping of aluminum alloy shells. If you have any questions when purchasing aluminum alloy shells, you can consult Shijun Hongmao Aluminum Industry for details. Shijun Hongmao, as a professional aluminum alloy shell manufacturer for 16 years, is committed to Produce high-quality and high-standard aluminum alloy shell products; support drawing customization, mold opening processing, and various special profile radiator production to meet your needs, 100% according to drawings; professional technical engineering team 24 hours online service for you,7 -15 days fast production and delivery, guarantee product delivery, welcome customers to consult with pictures.



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