How much do you know about aluminum profile kitchen cabinets?

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About all aluminum cabinets

Nowadays, more and more people are re-entering the kitchen, and people’s desire to cook is getting stronger and stronger. Many people enjoy their time in the kitchen and cooking a healthy and delicious meals for themselves and their families. The existence of the kitchen, Therefore, the feeling becomes particularly strong; the kitchen is the heart of a modern home and the heart of the home, and a well-designed kitchen makes cooking warm and pleasant and rediscovers the beauty of life. 

Space is the expression of lifestyle. What kind of kitchen you choose is equivalent to what kind of lifestyle you choose. However, the invisible safety issues of cabinets are also essential. The sense of security at home is not only achieved through the form of design style. build, high quality

A high-quality kitchen not only allows people to enjoy a comfortable and comfortable environment while cooking but also does not have to worry about potential safety hazards.

The reason why all-aluminum cabinets have become popular furniture in recent years has a lot to do with the development of industry technology, mainly because of simple installation, easy cleaning, and later maintenance. Because it is made of all-aluminum alloy, it is not only light in weight, Moreover, no formaldehyde is produced during the production process, and the panels are all produced through mature thermal transfer printing technology, and the surface styles are varied, beautiful, and fashionable.


 Why all-aluminum furniture can meet people’s demand for high-quality furniture?

Although many panel furniture brands on the market will advertise that their products are durable, the products that can truly achieve no deformation, impact resistance, compression resistance, and bending resistance, only all-aluminum furniture can assure you, no matter how bumped it will be. Without deformation, what are the advantages of all-aluminum furniture?

First of all, one of the reasons why products of all-aluminum furniture can not deform is that the material has strong impact resistance. Even if it is subjected to a collision, the all-aluminum home will not deform. , although it is light in weight, it has high strength and has the effect of not deforming, so why choose all-aluminum furniture?  aluminum cabinet frame extrusions   aluminum cabinet frame extrusions

Why is the bending resistance of all-aluminum home materials higher than that of ordinary furniture? Of course, it is because all-aluminum furniture insists on choosing high-purity aluminum alloy materials. Generally, only superior aluminum alloy materials have high-strength bending resistance. Therefore, in daily life, even if you “destroy” furniture, it will not make the Furniture easily deformed. Why is the material of all-aluminum furniture very high in compression resistance? You know that there are many different types of aluminum alloys, and the compression resistance is high, and the bending resistance is stronger than the 7-series aluminum alloy because its hardness is stronger than other types. Aluminum alloy is high, which is the advantage of all-aluminum furniture.  aluminum kitchen cabinet profile   aluminum kitchen cabinet profile

For consumers, customized furniture has multiple advantages such as personalized design, high space utilization, and overall style unity. Customized to achieve multiple functions in a limited space.

Professional production equipment and testing equipment imported from all over the world, industrialized home improvement products, refined operation management, digital and standardized production processes, from the aspects of profile extrusion, production, design, distribution, installation, etc., reduce costs while improving installation efficiency.


All aluminum cabinets compared with wooden cabinets

Solid wood cabinets: The biggest disadvantage is that they are easy to deform, and it is very laborious to maintain them. They should not be exposed to direct sunlight, too cold or too hot. Too dry and humid environments are not suitable for solid wood furniture. Even qualified solid wood cabinet products sometimes occur. It can be said that no matter what kind of wood is used and how exquisite the workmanship is, it is difficult to avoid these problems.

For cabinets combined with boards, the solid wood part will still crack and deform, but the board part will not crack and deform. Therefore, the biggest disadvantage of this kind of furniture is that the decorative surface is difficult to maintain. The kitchen has been stained with oil for many years, resulting in yellowing and discoloration of the cabinets. Affect the appearance.

Wood-based panel cabinets: Adhesives or other additives will be used. These materials will generate a large amount of formaldehyde, have poor environmental protection performance, and have poor surface flatness. They cannot meet diverse needs in terms of shape and radian requirements. It is suitable for use in places that are too humid, otherwise, its granular structure can easily absorb moisture from the surrounding environment, resulting in mold and rot inside, reducing its service life.

 aluminum profile for cabinet  aluminum profile for cabinet aluminum profile for cabinet

All aluminum cabinet

Variety of styles: the style of home you want, all-aluminum furniture can make the furniture harmonious with the overall style of your home.

In appearance, all-aluminum cabinets have progressed in surface treatment technology and finishing technology. In addition to solid color layouts, marble and wood textures can also be natural and beautiful, with excellent texture and higher ornamental value. Cabinets with various appearances can be made. Aluminum cabinets have advantages in one-piece molding, can create seamless countertops, and are clean.

  Long service life: Because the interior of the cabinet is made of aluminum alloy, it can be used for 10-20 years longer than ordinary particle board cabinets. It is guaranteed to be used for a long time.

     Environmentally friendly and formaldehyde-free: In the production process of all-aluminum cabinets, the use of glue can be completely avoided. They are all formed by high temperature and high pressure, so they are formaldehyde-free products, very green, clean, and environmentally friendly.

  Easy to clean: For all-aluminum cabinets, the countertops, cabinet body, and cabinet doors are all made of aluminum alloy materials, which are acid and alkali-resistant, easy to clean, and will not be corroded by oily smoke. It saves time and effort and is very easy to clean.

The wall is wear-resistant and impact-resistant: Wear-resistant and anti-damage are far better than common paints and wallpapers. Aluminum alloy wall panels have higher compressive strength and are an upgraded product of latex paint. They are used in areas such as TV backgrounds, sofa backgrounds, restaurant backgrounds, and bedside backgrounds. Both can protect the wall well and can be hung or pasted for decoration.

 aluminum profile for kitchen cabinet  aluminum profile for kitchen cabinet


What are the advantages of aluminum profile kitchen cabinets?

If you want to be satisfied with the design of the kitchen, you mainly look at the cabinets. If the cabinets are well-designed, people can live comfortably. While custom-made all-aluminum cabinets are becoming more and more popular, why do so many people use aluminum profile kitchen cabinets? What are its advantages?

·Material selection is environmentally friendly

The aluminum alloy material used in the all-aluminum cabinet is green and environmentally friendly, waterproof and fireproof, not easy to deform and damage, and easy to clean. The production is completed by a professional factory with the support of mechanization and information equipment, which is safer and more environmentally friendly.

· Personalized customization

Choosing to customize all-aluminum cabinets is to choose a more convenient decoration method. All-aluminum cabinets are designed and planned according to the hobbies and habits of different consumers. From the perspective of the user, focus on the user experience, and truly achieve personalized customization and design from use to sensory perception.

·Fully functional

The all-aluminum cabinet combines the cabinet body, operating table, stove, and various kitchen appliances, and performs systematic matching to form an organic overall form, making the whole kitchen look unified and coordinated. The design fully considers the activity route of kitchen users, so that the operation of the whole cooking process is convenient and smooth, thereby improving the efficiency of kitchen work, and creating a good family atmosphere and a strong atmosphere of life.

·Solve the problem of house type

Today, due to the problems of beams and columns, there are more or less tasteless spaces in ordinary families. Compared with traditional cabinets, the advantage of all-aluminum cabinets is that they can meet the different needs of consumers and fit the size of the kitchen. Cabinets customized according to the apartment type and size can make full use of every inch of space. When encountering irregular spaces, all-aluminum cabinets can be fully avoided and utilized, and can also solve problems such as covering beams and columns.

·Controllable budget

The all-aluminum cabinets can be combined with the owner’s hobbies and budgets to freely match and combine products, styles, and sizes. Humanized combinations can be made according to household needs to avoid unnecessary waste and effectively control costs on the premise of ensuring the service life and functions of the cabinets. . Regardless of the type of kitchen, the designers will solve all the problems when choosing all-aluminum cabinets, fully combining ergonomic design, so that you can save more time in daily operations. All-aluminum cabinets have many benefits and are worth choosing.

6 advantages of all aluminum cabinets

·Environmental protection

Environmental protection has become a common and important issue that everyone cares about in today’s society. The environmental protection indicators of cabinets and other home furnishing industries mainly refer to the amount of formaldehyde released from furniture panels. Formaldehyde is very harmful to the human body. Excessive formaldehyde can stimulate human skin, conjunctiva, respiratory mucosa, etc., and cause respiratory and eye diseases. Wait. Traditional wooden cabinet boards do not meet the environmental protection requirements of consumers because of the inevitable addition of various adhesives in the processing technology.

The raw material of all-aluminum cabinets is aluminum, which is one of the most abundant metal element in the earth’s crust. The factory uses no adhesive and no formaldehyde materials during production and processing to achieve zero-formaldehyde all-aluminum cabinets.


Cabinets made of aluminum profiles have more than 4 times the static bending strength, nail-holding force, and internal bonding strength of wooden panels, but their quality is only 60% of that of wooden panels, and they have a long service life of 50 years.

·Heat resistance and water resistance

The price of solid wood boards is higher and the texture is better, but the waterproof and flameproof performance is poor, while the aluminum profiles have strong heat resistance, and the surface can withstand high temperatures of 100 degrees, which completely solves the problems of cracking and deformation of wooden furniture, and is suitable for various types of furniture. Whether it is a cabinet, TV cabinet, or wardrobe, it is not easy to deform, it is durable and does not absorb moisture, the temperature expansion coefficient is small, it is fireproof and waterproof, and has the advantage of not rotting for a long time.

·Easy to clean

The all-aluminum cabinets can be washed repeatedly with detergent and water. They have good impregnation and peeling properties, are easy to clean and take care of, and the cabinets are extremely hard, so there is no need to worry about the invasion of cockroaches and termites.


The traditional wood furniture processing procedures are cumbersome, the color is single and there are problems of easy damage. After a long time of use, the surface will be scratched and damaged, and the wood paint will fall off in large quantities, which greatly affects the appearance of the furniture. The all-aluminum furniture is streamlined in processing and uses advanced wood grain transfer printing technology, which not only makes the aluminum profile have the texture and beauty of solid wood but also has a higher wear resistance than wooden panels, which can easily meet daily use.


The production technology and equipment of all-aluminum cabinets are not high, easy to disassemble and install, and its materials have high recycling value, which can realize unlimited recycling, protect the environment and alleviate the shortage of solid wood resources.




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