How To Choose The Motor Housing? What Are The Types Of Motors?

  • By:sjhmalu
  • Date:09-06-2021

How to choose the motor housing? What are the types of motors?

How to choose motor housing? What types of motors are there? There are several specific types of aluminum motor housings on the market. The motors can be divided into two basic types, one is “fully enclosed” and the other is “open”.

Fully enclosed fan cooling, the motor has little impact on the surrounding environment when it is running. The ambient temperature and cleanliness of the exterior of the motor are the only operational issues. Except for routine maintenance, these motors should be kept clean and meet the design temperature parameters. The motor housing is not cheap, but you can pay for it during the life of the motor.

The open drip-proof type is very sensitive to any pollutants in the surrounding environment. Anything in the air around the motor is pulled into the motor. When we add some humidity to the mixture, it means that cooling the hot motor will not only draw in air but also moisture. This condensate, which is combined with dust and particles during the manufacturing process, adheres to the insulator. This in turn will cause the operating temperature of the motor to exceed expectations.

In order to ensure the service life of the motor, it is very important to choose the motor casing, and it is very important to keep the working temperature of the motor within the design parameters of the insulation class. Any motor that exceeds this temperature will cause the motor to malfunction. When they are not running, insects and animals seem to use these motors to build nests. These motors are good when installed in a clean climate control environment.

Make sure that when selecting the motor housing, you can choose the appropriate type of motor and motor housing according to its design surrounding environment. This may be more expensive, but it will save a lot during the life of the motor.



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