What Must Be Done After The Lead Treatment Of Industrial Aluminum Profiles?

  • By:sjhmalu
  • Date:11-06-2021

What must be done after the lead treatment of industrial aluminum profiles?

After industrial aluminum profiles are produced through various processes, they are usually not directly used. In order to improve the corrosion resistance and surface hardness of industrial aluminum profiles, anodizing treatment is also required. Anodizing refers to energizing the two ends of the aluminum profile to form a dense artificial oxide film on the surface of the aluminum profile through electrolysis. The oxide film is transparent and hard and can greatly increase the life of the industrial aluminum profile.

However, after the anodic oxidation is over, some treatments are needed to have the effect of icing on the cake.

1. Rinse with hot water:

The purpose of warm water cleaning is to age the film. However, the temperature of the water and the cleaning time must be controlled. If the water temperature is too high or the time is too long, the oxide film will become thin, and the color will become lighter if the oxide film is colored. The water temperature is 40-50, and the time is best controlled between 30-60 seconds.

2. Drying:

The industrial aluminum profile washed with hot water is hung on the shelf obliquely, so that water can flow out naturally from the cavity, and the gloss of the oxide film of the naturally dried aluminum profile is not affected, and it is more natural.

3. Aging:

The aging method can be determined according to climatic conditions. It can be exposed in the sun in summer when there is sunshine, and it can be baked in an oven on rainy days or winter. The process conditions are 40~50 temperature and 10~15 minutes.

Shijun Hongmao Aluminum: After the above steps of oxidation treatment. The anodized film of industrial aluminum profile is harder, more beautiful, and more corrosion-resistant. If you have any questions, please consult Shijun Hongmao Aluminum.



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