How do you locate the price of aluminum radiator products?

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  • Date:06-06-2024

A radiator is a device used to dissipate heat, the main principle is the use of heat transfer, the machine in the process of operating an aluminum the heat in a timely manner to transfer out, you can avoid the machine due to prolonged work and heat damage. There are many radiator materials, the most cost-effective is aluminum radiator. You can determine the price of an aluminum radiator from the following aspects.

1. Material:

Each kind of radiator has its advantages and disadvantages, silver radiator thermal conductivity is the best, but the price is very expensive; pure aluminum radiator thermal conductivity is very good, but the hardness is not enough, it is also easy to oxidize; aluminum alloy radiator heat density is small, the quality is light, the cost is not high, and it has a certain load-bearing capacity; 6061 and 6063 series of aluminum profile radiator is the ministrants in the market at present The 6061 and 6063 series of aluminum radiators are the mainstream products in the current market.

2. Cross-section shape:

Aluminum radiator can be used in many fields, such as computers, electrical appliances, machinery, automobiles, wind power, etc., different uses of the radiator material and construction of different uses: amplifier radiator, LED radiator, motor shell radiators, radiators, sunflower radiator, etc.; cross-section shape of a million: comb-type radiators, there are dense tooth radiators, high-density tooth radiators, I-shaped radiator The shape of the section is thousands of shapes: comb type radiator, dense teeth radiators, high density teeth radiator, I-beam radiators, square radiators, fans and so on millions of shapes, the simple radiators require low labor and material costs, the price is certainly cheaper than the shape of the complex radiator prices.

3. Mold costs:

Aluminum radiators are made of aluminum ingots after heating and extrusion, radiators in a variety of shapes, the need to open the mold in the early stages, using different molds to produce. In this extrusion production process, the mold fee is a cost, including the cost of raw material ingots, product design fees, processing fees (wire cutting, machining), heat treatment, taxes, mold testing fees, packaging and transportation costs, the cost of these fees are closely related to the cross-section shape of the aluminum radiator.

4. Product size

Due to the aluminum radiator shapes, the larger the radiator, the more aluminum material required in the production process, the corresponding residual material and scrap are also higher; the higher the cost of molding, the greater the coefficient of difficulty, the need to spend more man-hours, and all aspects of the cost will increase.

5. Surface treatment

Aluminum radiator surface treatment is mainly divided into pretreatment and post-treatment.

There are two pre-treatment methods: ① the use of shot blasting, grinding physical methods to remove the oxide layer or burrs on the surface of the aluminum profile; ② force-feeding, passivation chemical treatment methods to remove oil or dust on the surface of the aluminum profile.

Post-treatment includes: electrophoretic coating and electrostatic powder spraying, both of which are designed to improve the corrosion resistance and appearance of the surface of aluminum profiles. The process flow of electrophoretic coating is as follows: top piece → oil removal → rust removal → washing → neutralization → washing → phosphation → washing → passivation → electrophoretic coating → washing → pure water washing → drying → next piece, and there are strict technological requirements and precautions for each process.

As the shape of the aluminum radiator becomes more complex, the surface treatment of the coefficient of difficulty increases, each treatment process involves the cost of coatings, machinery and equipment costs, labor wages and other aspects of the cost of different shapes and sizes of the radiator processing costs are different, according to the radiator’s materials, shapes and sizes, mold costs and surface treatment methods as the basic basis for determining the aluminum radiator product Price.

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