Do You Know The Difference Between Industrial Aluminum Profiles And Traditional Building Materials?

  • By:sjhmalu
  • Date:26-09-2022

Aluminum profiles can be used as architectural aluminum profiles, radiator aluminum profiles, general industrial aluminum profiles, etc. It has the advantages of high quality, lightweight, corrosion resistance, good decoration, long service life, and rich colors. So what is the difference between aluminum profiles and traditional mechanical manufacturing materials such as carbon steel and stainless steel? Today, Xiaobian will introduce to you what are the differences between aluminum profiles and traditional building materials.

In construction, it is often necessary to use industrial aluminum profiles to make doors and windows into curtain walls. Since one of the materials of industrial aluminum profiles is aluminum, the doors and windows of industrial aluminum profiles are beautiful and durable, have strong hardness resistance, and are not easily deformed. They are commonly used materials for industrial aluminum profiles, Why?

·Simple manufacturing process: only need to design, cut/drill, and assemble; traditional materials usually go through complex processes such as design, cutting/drilling, welding, sandblasting/surface treatment, surface spraying, surface anodizing, etc.

·Materials can be reused: Since the mechanical parts made of industrial aluminum profiles are not thermally welded in the entire production process, the pieces are easy to disassemble, and all materials and accessories can be reused; however, traditional materials have high costs due to cutting deformation and disassembly, is rarely reused. Saving man-hours: Due to the simple production process, a lot of man-hour costs can be saved; especially when reworked due to production errors, it can save several times the time compared to traditional materials.

·High precision: Since the manufacturing process does not undergo overheating welding, the material is not deformed, and the assembly accuracy is high; the traditional material heat welding will deform and affect the assembly accuracy.

·Gorgeous appearance: The appearance of the equipment using industrial aluminum profiles is more modern, and its unique anodized coating is more stable than the existing coating methods.



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