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About the aluminum alloy surface anodic oxidation treatment process

The production of aluminum alloy profiles generally undergoes anodizing treatment to improve the performance of the profiles. The anodizing process includes anodizing, coloring, and sealing; while most of the aluminum alloy profiles used in the construction field will use the anodizing process. So how much do you know about the anodizing process of aluminum alloy surfaces?

(1) Substrate loading: Before the anodizing process starts, the work that needs to be done is as follows. First, the substrate must be fixed on the conductive rod. Different anodizing treatments have different fixing methods. The common methods are aluminum wire binding and fixture fixing. When loading materials, ensure that the aluminum alloy profiles are in good contact with the conductive rods, otherwise the thickness of the anodized film will be low, so anodic oxidation treatment cannot be performed.   aluminum profile supplier   aluminum profile supplier

(2) Pretreatment: Generally, the process lines of degreasing, alkali washing, and neutralization must be passed during treatment. First of all, the purpose of degreasing is to remove some substances such as grease, dirt, and debris attached to the surface of the aluminum profile during the extrusion process, to loosen and remove the oxide film on the surface of the profile; the purpose of alkali cleaning is to further adjust the aluminum alloy The roughness of the surface of the profile can increase or decrease the brightness of the surface of the aluminum alloy profile.

(3) Anodizing treatment: For most aluminum alloy profiles for construction, the anodizing treatment is sulfuric acid anodizing treatment.

(4) Electrolytic coloring: The coloring method of the anodized film includes electrolytic coloring, dyeing, and overall coloring; the electrolytically colored aluminum alloy anodized film has excellent sealing performance, corrosion resistance, and weather resistance, which have been widely used The coloring process of anodic oxidation of aluminum alloy profiles for construction; the dyed oxide film has richer colors, but at the same time, the light resistance of dyes or pigments is poor, and the sealing performance is relatively poor. Therefore, the corrosion resistance and weather resistance of dyed aluminum alloy anodic oxidation films The properties are not as good as electrolytic coloring.  custom extruded aluminum profiles   custom extruded aluminum profiles

(5) Anodized film sealing: The sealing treatment is to ensure that the aluminum alloy products have good corrosion resistance, weather resistance, and wear resistance, to obtain new energy for long-term use. Among them, the commonly used sealing treatment methods include heat sealing, cold sealing, and medium temperature sealing. There are several kinds of holes and organic sealing, and the sealing treatment of anodized film of aluminum alloy profiles for most constructions in my country is mainly cold sealing and electrophoretic painting.

                                              Why should aluminum be anodized?

The main purpose is to overcome the surface defects of aluminum alloy, expand the scope of application, and prolong the service life. Not only that, the aluminum material after anodic oxidation treatment also has the following advantages.

 anodized aluminum profile   anodized aluminum profile  anodized aluminum profile

·Improve corrosion resistance

Because aluminum alloy itself is a metal with strong corrosion resistance because aluminum is very active, it is very easy to chemically react with oxides in the air to form aluminum oxide, and the aluminum oxide film is transparent. And this layer of the oxide film can isolate the air so that the aluminum substrate will not be oxidized and corroded, and it will naturally play the role of corrosion resistance. Finally, it can make up for the shortcomings of the complete oxide film, such as unevenness, thinness, easy scratching, poor corrosion resistance, and uneven surface color of the aluminum alloy. The oxide film generated by anodic oxidation treatment is more uniform, dense, and corrosion-resistant.

 aluminum profile manufacturer  aluminum profile manufacturer  

·Improve wear resistance

The aluminum base material is particularly easy to scratch and wear. After all, the hardness of aluminum alloy cannot be compared with that of steel. The surface of the anodized industrial aluminum profile is very hard, and the hardness of the oxide film can reach 300HV, which is very wear-resistant and not easy to scratch.


·Surface coloring of decorative aluminum products

Before the anodic oxidation sealing of the aluminum profile, the surface will have a lot of dense pores, which can easily absorb some metal salts or dyes, so that the surface of the aluminum product will form a very colorful color.

  standard aluminum profiles standard aluminum profiles               

About Aluminum Extrusion

Definition of the aluminum extrusion process: Aluminum extrusion molding is to apply of strong pressure to the aluminum billet placed in the mold cavity to force the aluminum billet to produce directional plastic deformation and extrude from the die hole of the extrusion die to obtain the required cross-sectional shape, size and certain Plastic processing methods for parts or semi-finished products with mechanical properties.

Aluminum extrusion dies: For aluminum extrusion production, engineers of product structure design, will not be responsible for designing aluminum extrusion dies, but they must have a certain understanding of the basic extrusion die structure. After having a basic understanding, engineers will then Feedback to the production workshop, which helps to optimize the design of extrusions, thereby reducing the cost of molds and improving the production efficiency of extrusions, saving trouble and effort.

What is an extrusion die: Regarding extrusion dies, extrusion dies are generally basically circular steel discs that contain one or more openings so that the desired profile can be formed, they are heat treated to resist the passage of hot aluminum through the die When pressure and heat are used, aluminum, although it is a soft metal, requires a lot of pressure to make the aluminum ingot pass through the extrusion die to form the desired shape.


Extrusion dies life: In aluminum extrusion production, in the design of aluminum extrusions, heat accumulation and uneven pressure are obstacles that affect the life of extrusion dies. More experienced engineers can control heat and pressure by designing precise dies that can reduce the speed of extrusion profiles and prolong the life of the molds. These molds will also be replaced. Before the manufacturer designs aluminum extrusions, the engineer must have some clear cognition and consider which design factors will affect Die processing costs, in the case of saving costs as much as possible, saving production costs by changing the cross-sectional design of aluminum extrusions, suitable alloy materials, etc.


Advantages of the aluminum extrusion process


The reason why aluminum profiles are durable is because of the performance of aluminum, its corrosion resistance and weather resistance are excellent, because a layer of aluminum oxide protective film can be formed on its surface, which can protect itself The product plays a certain protective role, and after anodic oxidation treatment, its corrosion resistance becomes stronger. No matter whether it is applied to aluminum profiles in indoor or outdoor environments, there is no need to worry about life. It does not require special maintenance and can be completely Don’t worry about being corroded.


·Lightweight and strong

Aluminum is light in weight, and its weight is much lighter than steel and other materials, but this does not mean that its strength is low. On the contrary, it retains most of its strength while being light. Most aluminum alloys are resistant to The tensile strength range is about 70~100 MPa, this data is enough to explain its strength, so there is no need to worry about the strength of aluminum extrusion parts at all, they can be used as structural parts in the construction industry and the automobile industry, and it is other metal materials The best substitute for aluminum alloys. To reduce weight and reduce energy consumption, the automotive industry is using aluminum alloys on a large scale.

·Good thermal conductivity

Aluminum has better thermal conductivity. It has very similar thermal conductivity to copper, but its weight is much lighter than copper. Aluminum is selected as the production material, which is an excellent thermal conductor. The profile design of aluminum extrusion can maximize the heat conduction surface area and form a heat channel to dissipate heat.

·Stylish appearance

Through different surface treatments, extruded aluminum has a wider range of appearance and aesthetic options under the blessing of surface treatments such as painting, electroplating, polishing, and anodizing.

·Wide range of applications

Any section shape can be formed by aluminum extrusion, so the application range of aluminum extrusion is very wide, and engineers can design different sections to meet the requirements of different application environments.

·Support secondary processing

Aluminum extrusions can be easily formed, cut, drilled, machined, stamped, bent, and welded to suit specific purposes.

           Application of aluminum extrusion process

As an environmentally friendly material, aluminum also has lightweight, strong corrosion resistance, high strength, and good thermal and electrical conductivity; in addition to the main use of aluminum profiles in the construction industry, with the continuous development of various industries, the scope of use in the industry has become wider and wider. 

          Why are industrial aluminum profiles so popular?

Among many metals, industrial aluminum profiles are representative materials in new metals, and their application range is wide, involving 5G base stations, urban rail transit, integrated street lights, new energy auto parts, environmental protection purification treatment systems, medical equipment, big data In various industries such as processing centers and mechanical equipment, aluminum profiles often appear in the main parts or accessories in various forms, so why are industrial aluminum profiles widely used by people?

First of all, the production of industrial aluminum profiles is relatively easy. The raw materials of aluminum ingots are processed in a furnace, extruded into molds, and then formed into profiles of different cross-sections according to the needs of customers. It is very convenient and can vigorously meet the needs of customized production. Secondly, the various properties of aluminum are strong, and its advantages are wear resistance, lightweight, not easy to rust, and strong plasticity.

The second is that industrial aluminum profiles have strong oxidation resistance. The materials of industrial aluminum profiles are very high-quality. This is after anti-oxidation treatment, which makes them have the ability of anti-corrosion and anti-rust; not only that, it is always green Environmentally friendly, and healthy materials, with a high secondary recycling rate, do not pollute the environment, and will not contain harmful substances after strict film-attached treatment.

Furthermore, a dense oxide protective film can be formed on the surface of aluminum, which has strong corrosion resistance and can be recycled repeatedly. The structure is very good. With the improvement of aluminum and aluminum alloy materials, the products produced The scope of application is also constantly expanding, and the characteristics of aluminum profiles such as lightweight, energy saving, and environmental protection are well known and widely used.

In general, aluminum profiles are widely used in various industries, especially in the industrial field, because of their unique practicability, corrosion resistance, recyclability, and other advantages. With the development of technology in the aluminum profile industry, not only that, It will be extended to more fields.



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